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Developer & Manufacturer of All Natural Food Color

Our goal is to provide State of the Art Natural Food Color for everyone, bringing to bear all the wholesome beautiful and brilliant colors found in nature. We are continuously working to bring new never before seen natural colors to everyone to make them stronger and better than any other natural color product ever created!

No FD&C Dyes – No Preservatives – Big 8 Allergen Free* – GMO Free**

A “Tru” American Innovation, we are dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to synthetic ingredients with artificial preservatives. TruColor™ Natural Colors that are free of FD&C dyes, free of artificial preservatives and free of “Big 8” allergens including milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shell fish, tree nuts*, peanuts, wheat and soya. TruColor™ is gluten and free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO FREE) **

At TruColor™ we have spent years developing our natural colors with vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and phytonutrients (Plant Nutrients) that keep your body working properly and may help prevent disease.

As full service wholesale manufacturer we provide superior natural food products with “naturally” superior service! We look to support your operations in multiple areas of cooperation ranging from natural ingredient solutions, private label opportunities and wholesale shelf ready clean label retail products.

Please contact us at for wholesale costs and distributor information.

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*Annatto color is not on the FDA list of nuts, it is important to know that a small fraction of some people with peanut or nut sensitivities report having cross reactions to the annatto seed.
**TruColor™ Caramel clinically test GMO Free, however it may initiate GMO label requirements in the EU due to traceability to source requirements. (U.S. Corn) Please check the label for these ingredients if you may be sensitive. ***TruColor Brown is made from Organic Cane Syrup and is GMO & Corn free.

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Trucolor food colors
Trucolor Sanding Sugars

What the Experts are saying about TruColor - Testimonials from some of the best!

Trucolor Shayna Greenman testimonialTruColor Shayn Greenman

"... the endless possibilities and ease of use and flexibility this range provided me. I fully believe they have made every other colour I have used redundant."

Trucolor Edwin Weimar testimonialTruColor Edwin Weimer

"TruColor is a pure natural product that is healthy and much better than a ready to go bottle, you get something really good for your effort."

Trucolor Sharon Spradley TestimonialTruColor cake awards

"My next all new class for 2016 will be entirely with TruColor ... Love TruColor and everything about all natural colors.

trucolor sanding sugars