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trucolor sanding sugars

TruColorâ„¢ Item Numbers

Plant & Mineral Based Food Color Powder Food Color Powder Small Jars (Bulk Sizes also available)


001 Purple Grape Extract 5g
002 Purple Carrot Extract 5g

Shine Airbrush Powder:

003 Peal Shine 4g
004 Gold Shine 4g
005 Silver Shine 4g
006 Pink Shine 4g
007 Deep Blue Shine 4g
008 Holly Green Shine 4g
009 Purple Shine 4g
010 Deep Red Shine 5g
011 Orange Shine 4g
012 Yellow Shine 4g
013 Midnight Blue Shine 4g
014 Deep Purple Shine 4g
015 Deep Violet Shine 4g
016 Copper Shine 4g
017 Bronze Shine 4g
018 Sparkle Shine 4g
019 Blue Turquoise Shine 5g
020 Blue Shine 4g
021 Green Shine 4g
022 Spring Green Shine 4g
023 Red Shine 5g
024 Super Red Shine 5g
025 Fuchsia Shine 4g
026 Black Pearl Shine 4g
027 Sky Blue Shine 4g

Trucolor airbrush powder
Trucolor airbrush colors
Trucolor airbrush colors

Paint & Airbrush Powder

030 Red 5g
031 Pink 5g
032 Orange 5g
033 Yellow 5g
034 Deep Purple 5g
035 Sunset Yellow 5g.
036 Blue 7g
037 Super Black 5g
038 Brown 6g
039 Super Red 5g
040 Deep Violet 5g
041 Sky Blue 4g
042 Royal Blue 4g
043 Leaf Green 4g
044 Spring Green 4g
045 Dark Brown 6g
046 Holly Green 5g

Gel Paste Powder

050 Red Gel Paste 5g
051 Pink Gel Paste 5g
052 Orange Gel Paste 5g
053 Hot Pink Gel Paste 5g
054 Yellow Gel Paste 5g
055 Purple Gel Paste 5g
056 Sunset Yellow Gel Paste 5g
057 Blue Gel Paste 5g
058 Green Gel Paste 5g
059 Super Black Gel paste 5g
060 Dark Brown Gel Paste 6g
061 Brown Gel Paste 6g
062 Super Red Gel Paste 5g
063 Fuchsia Gel Paste 5g
064 Deep Violet Gel Paste 5g
065 Sky Blue Gel Paste 4g
066 Royal Blue Gel Paste 4g
067 Deep Purple Gel Paste 5g
068 Leaf Green Gel Paste 4g
069 Spring Green Gel Paste 4g

40243 Stackable Display Rack

Trucolor display racks

Large Jars:

081 Purple Grape Extract 10g
082 Purple Carrot Extract 10g

Natural Shine Airbrush Powder Large Jar

083 Peal Shine 6g
084 Gold Shine 7g
085 Silver Shine 7g
086 Pink Shine 7g
087 Deep Blue Shine 7g
088 Holly Green Shine 7g
089 Purple Shine 7g
090 Deep Red Shine 9g
091 Orange Shine 7g
092 Yellow Shine 6g
093 Midnight Blue Shine 7g
094 Deep Purple Shine 7g
095 Deep Violet Shine 7g
096 Copper Shine 7g
097 Bronze Shine 7g
098 Sparkle Shine 7g
099 Blue Turquoise Shine 9g
100 Blue Shine 7g
101 Green Shine 7g
102 Spring Green Shine 7g
103 Red Shine 9g
104 Super Red Shine 9g
105 Fuchsia Shine 7g
106 Black Pearl Shine 7g
107 Sky Blue Shine 7g

Trucolor natural airbrush
Trucolor airbrush

Natural Airbrush Powder Large Jar

110 Red AB 10g
111 Pink AB 10g
112 Orange AB 10g
113 Yellow AB 10g
114 Deep Purple AB 10g
115 Sunset Yellow AB 10g
116 Blue AB 10g
117 Super Black AB 10g
118 Brown AB 10g
119 Super Red AB 10g
120 Deep Violet AB 10g
121 Sky Blue AB 8g
122 Royal Blue AB 8g
123 Leaf Green AB 6g
124 Spring Green AB 6g
125 Dark Brown AB 10g
126 Holly Green AB 10g

trucolor natural airbrush

Natural Gel Paste Powder Large Jar

130 Red Gel Paste 10g
131 Pink Gel Paste 10g
132 Orange Gel Paste 9g
133 Hot Pink Gel Paste 10g
134 Yellow Gel Paste 10g
135 Purple Gel Paste 10g
136 Sunset Yellow Gel Paste 10g
137 Blue Gel Paste
138 Green Gel Paste
139 Black Gel paste 10g
140 Dark Brown Gel Paste 10g
141 Brown Gel Paste 10g
142 Super Red Gel Paste 10g
143 Fuchsia Gel Paste 10g
144 Deep Violet Gel Paste 10g
145 Sky Blue Gel Paste 8g
146 Royal Blue Gel Paste 8g
147 Deep Purple Gel Paste 10g
148 Leaf Green Gel Paste 6g
149 Spring Green Gel Paste 6g

Small Jar Collections

40151 Airbrush Shine: Metallic Reserve Collection (Small Jar)
12pc. Metallic Reserve

40154 Airbrush Shine: Metallic Paint Collection (Small Jar)
12pc Metallic Paint

40157 Airbrush & Paint Collection (Small Jar)
12pc. Airbrush

40161 Natural Gel Paste Collection (Small Jar)
12pc. Gel Paste

Large Jar Collections

40165 Airbrush Shine: Metallic Reserve Collection (Large Jar)
12pc. Metallic Reserve

40168 Airbrush Shine: Metallic Paint Collection (Large Jar)
12pc Metallic Paint

40171 Airbrush & Paint Collection (Large Jar)
12pc. Airbrush

40175 Natural Gel Paste Collection (Large Jar)
12pc. Gel Paste



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trucolor sanding sugars